Our Vision

Establishing a value added growth opportunities platform to provide resilient ethical investment opportunities to investors with attractive returns, leveraging on our experience and extensive know-how.


Are known to us, available,
and actionable
Are within our core
skill-set and expertise
Are within territories we already
know well and operate in

Focus on small-medium size companies:

  • Requiring turn-arounds and/or capital injection
  • Undervalued due to current market dislocation
  • Successful founder-manager desiring: to take the next step via professional management systems to scale-up; or to partially retire
  • Platform to consolidate to create a larger more efficient entity
  • Value creation through operational efficiency and hands-onmanagement - in addition to financial restructuring
  • Focusing on localized deals leveraging local market know-how and contacts, management and turn-around expertise to create attractive returns


Intent to secure controlling equity stake or significant minority at Investee companies in order to have sufficient influence on direction and to manage/secure investment

Limit equity release of key management / stakeholders to align interests and focus capital on value creation

Potential for co-investment opportunities for LP’s at asset level

Focus on privately-held companies with significant untapped potential and scope for immense value creation

Investment returns achieved through dividends, capital growth, asset optimization, mergers and exit strategies

Value creation based on partners’ skillset supplementing existing management team, in addition to channelling fresh growth capital

Leverage business network of partners to source a constant flow of potential investment opportunities